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Archive > Year 2016, Number 1

Ethics in sport viwed through the attitudes of students about the need of faith in modern society


Zdravkovic Danijela, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Niš


The aim of this survey was to identify students' attitudes on Christian feelings and necessity of faith, as a type of an anti-globalization response of young people to modern consumer society. The survey sample consisted of 60 students of master studies at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education (FSPE), and 77 master studies students at the Faculty of Occupational Safety (FOS) in Nis, aged between 21 and 26 years. Survey of students’ attitudes was carried out using a questionnaire based on Likert-type scale. The questionnaire contained 22 questions which were answered by the respondents through standardized five modalities of answers. An independent t-test identified the differences among the groups of students at the University of Nis. The research results obtained confirm the difference in the individual approach to the values of and the need for spirituality in the contemporary society of the Balkans. Student population represents the future intellectual elite of any society, even the modern consumer society, whose role will be important for social development. In this regard, it is preferred to focus future studies of sports sociology on an examination of postmodern religion, that is, on the examination of the relationship of ethics and Christian values, commercialization and professionalization of sport in the postmodern society. The importance and significance of getting acquainted with the rise of individualism and the formation of personality of the student population in relation with the promotion of ethics in sport pedagogy can be used pedagogically in the prevention of violence in our university community in the future.


Attitudes, students, Christian feelings, sport ethics, modern society

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