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Archive > Year 2013, Number 4

Editorial: Serb J Sports Sci - Development platform to share knowledge


Ivanović Jelena, Serbian Institute for Sport and Sport Medicine


Serb J Sports Sci: Development platform to share knowledge
Jelena Ivanović
Co-Chief Editor
Belgrade, December 23rd, 2013

As Co-Chief Editor I would like to welcome you to the Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences.

When I was invited by Editor-in-Chief to take on the position of Co-Chief Editor of Serbian Journal of Sports Sciences, I was delighted to be able to accept it. I am excited to be involved in the hub of this challenging opportunity of developing a platform to share knowledge on all aspects in the fields of sports and exercise sciences, and creating a journal that is becoming a key point of reference for everyone involved in the research and development of sports sciences. The fact is that SJSS is more recognisable on the international level, because the number of citation in indexing journals is increasing (Figure 2, source WOS, Scopus).

The number of submissions to SJSS has increased quite dramatically over the past few years and because of that, SJSS strives hard to get the best reviewers and reduce in press time and I am sure we will carry on with that tradition in the future.

I am delighted to announce that we have a world class group of Editorial Boards with real status in the sports sciences and we are still growing. This year editorial board is enhanced with brand new Co-Chief Editor Mrs. Jelena Martinović, Ph.D., from Belgrade, Serbia and also we improve our International Scientific Advisory Board with two excellent experts in sports sciences Assist Prof. Efi Tsitskari, Ph.D., from Komotini, Greece and Mr. Robert Lockie, Ph.D., from Ourimbah, Australia.

We all believe that SJSS has now grown to acquire a reputation as a quality journal not only in Serbia but globally, and it goes without saying that all authors, editors, reviewers and readers made this possible. This is why we owe a debt of gratitude to all the authors whose papers were published in SJSS, as well to those authors whose papers didn`t have positive review. We hope that this decision will not discourage them from continuing to do so. We would like to express a big thank you to each member of the Editorial Board, especially to reviewers on their hard a responsible work.

We will continue to make every effort to publish quality papers to bring the journal to a higher level and I hope it will take us another great step forward this year.

We would like to encourage the authors to send the manuscript to SJSS. We are looking forward to having the privilege of reading future manuscripts from you.

Kind regards,

Jelena Ivanović


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