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Archive > Year 2014, Number 1

Tactics factors in chess: Theoretical-empirical aspects


Petrović Adam, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, University of Belgrade


This research aimed to classify relevant factors affecting chess tactics, and to assess their importance and correlation to chess players’ ratings and age. The research was undertaken with the purpose of exploring and describing the research issue. A sequence type of mixed methods approach was used in the research. The exploratory design model of developing taxonomy was chosen with the aim of identifying relevant variables and constructing a classification system in the qualitative component, while the results obtained with this procedure were verified in the other, quantitative component. The participant sample needed for the quantitative component of the research comprised 50 competitively active chess players. The results of the qualitative component point out to the multitude and relevance of the areas where many factors affecting chess tactics originate. However, chess players attached different value to the relevance of certain areas and, accordingly, of factors which can affect chess tactics. In the opinion of the surveyed chess players, theoretical preparation and different forms of planning held a prominent place in chess tactics. Regarding the parts of the whole, chess players placed great importance to scouting, long-term planning and tactics in the narrow sense.


Star chess, tactics, mixed methods research, chess players, tactics factors

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