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Year 2008, Number 2

Comparative Biomechanical Analysis Of Hurdle Clearance Techniques On 110 M Running With Hurdles Of Elite And Non-Elite Athletes

Bubanj Radoslav, Bubanj Saša, Mladenović Darko, Petrović Vladan, Raković Aleksandar, Stanković Ratko, p37-44

The Effect Of Different Teaching Condition In Kinematic Parameters On Learning A Gymnastic Skill On The High Bar

, Kaimakamis Vasilios, Kirialanis Paschalis, p45-52

The Importance Of The Elements Of Game Stoppage For The Final Score Of A Football Match

Radoman Miroslav, Smajić Miroslav, p53-58

The influence of training on neuromuscular factors in elite and non elite fencers

Tsiganos George, Tsolakis Charilaos, p59-65