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Year 2008, Number 4

Effects Of Various Warm Up Protocols On Endurance And Blood Lactate Concentration

Kaur Rajpreet, Kumar Rajender, Sandhu Jaspal, p101-109

Syncretism Of Coaching Science In Ancient Greece And Modern Times

Ioannidis Theodoros, Kariofu Marija, Stefanović Đorđe, p111-121

Effects Of Two Plyometric Training Programmes Of Different Intensity On Vertical Jump Performance In High School Athletes

Bampouras Theodoros, Jones Paul, Sankey Sean, p123-130

Basic And Specific Parameters Of The Explosive Force Of Leg Extensors In High Trained Serbian Female Volleyball Players: Characteristics Of The Isometric Force- Time Curve Model

Abella Carlos Pablos, Dopsaj Milivoj, Rajić Branislav, p131-139